It’s Hot Topic time and for sure in Australia this week the hot topic has been Schapelle Corby’s return home to Australia after finishing her 13 year jail sentence in Bali for drug trafficking.

Now that in itself is Hot Topic worthy but what I specifically want to ask this week is your opinion on the media circus that ensued upon her release. I watched it with my Dad and we decided to turn the coverage off, disgusted with the Australia media’s choice to make a cat and mouse game of invading this woman privacy. And it seemed Dad and I weren’t the only ones unimpressed with the coverage. Karl Stephanovic gave a brilliant rant on The Morning show saying “”I realise there’s interest but why oh why oh why? There are far more important things in life than pursuing and losing Schapelle Corby. We in the media have a responsibility to inform but I reckon we were all made to look like idiots yesterday”. I couldn’t agree more, and now, I want to know how the intense coverage made you feel. Were you interested? Did you think it was over the top? Did you watch it or turn it off?

Let me know in the comments below!

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