There is a group of people from Birmingham England that do not believe in Australia. The Flat Earth Believers also believe the earth is not a sphere but is actually flat.

In a Facebook post from last October they shared about how they believe that Australians are all hired actors and that the country of Australia is fake. Really? All 24 million Australians are hired actors? Where is my cheque?

The article states that “the plane pilots are all in on this” as well and that when flying to Australia people are just flown to “island close nearby”.

The group has made multiple post about how they do not believe that Australia exists. In another post they tell people to not listen to people who try to convince you that Australia is real.


NASA has used images to prove that the earth is round using things such as GPS, satellites, and photos from space, yet some people still believe that the earth is flat. Let us know what you think!