Stable On the Strand is less than two weeks away and this year for the first time they are introducing – Bethlehem Barnyard Babies – a petting zoo! With such a warm and welcoming variety of animals at Stable and the significant Christmas Story, The Town of Bethlehem is a treasured event that attracts 40,000 visitors. 

Town of Bethlehem Coordinator Robyn Frewen-Lord says Stable is ideal for families.

“At every turn there is an interactive opportunity to transport the child back to the Holy land 2000 years ago. Dressing up as a Roman soldier, being taught spear and marching skills to be presented to King Herod; joining the shepherds, clothed as they are, on a search through the town until they find the baby in the manger and kneel before him; dancing with the guests at the wedding,” Robyn says.

But with all the costumes and activities, there is one very special part Robyn identifies as the absolute don’t miss:

‘Mary Joseph and baby Jesus in the Stable with the donkey standing by, sheep on the hill behind, a star above and heavenly voices singing ‘Silent Night, Holy Night, all is calm…”‘