Stadium Opening


Saturday, 22nd February Queensland Country Bank Stadium opened its gates to the community. It was the towns one chance to see the stadium before put in use, and the only chance to get a tour of the entire stadium including box offices and locker rooms! Our Live FM team had the amazing opportunity to go and broadcast from the stadium talking to both workers of the event as well as some of the 20,000 locals that were there enjoying the day and full of excitement of what the stadium will do for both townsville and the Cowboys team. Cowboys cheerleader Shania Leo, born and raised in Townsville, was there showing pictures of northern Queensland, said she couldn’t wait for the Cowboys first game and being there for the peoples day only made the anticipation that much more exciting.

Senator Susan McDonald told our team that building this stadium in Townsville had to happen, not only for the Cowboys, but also for the community. McDonalds said, “There have already been 17 functions here this week and local businesses and sporting groups have already started using the facility. You know, we have some of the best teams not just football but netball as well and makes it exciting for our young people to be able to access a world-class stadium like this one.”