As a not-for-profit organisation, 99.9 Live FM is fully supported through our station sponsors and donors.

Becoming a sponsor means your business will be promoted to our loyal listeners and you are investing hope into our local community.

In addition to radio spots, we also offer sponsorship on two large digital billboards in prime locations within the CBD, which see 15,000 vehicles go past each day.

Sponsorship options include:





Stanley Street Digital Billboard

Walker Street Digital Billboard

What you’ll gain as a sponsor


Only 5 minutes of sponsorship spots are aired per hour and only 12 customers are in rotation on the billboards, making your business stand out!


Secure your brand placement as a tax deductible business expense.


Your message rotates throughout the entire day, extending your message across a broad range of demographics.


Your sponsorship enables Live FM to provide positive content, mobilise volunteers to champion local causes, and to connect people’s needs to solutions.

What our sponsors are saying:

“During our time as a sponsor through Live FM we have seen tremendous return on our investment. We choose to stay with them because of their community connection and the wonderful things they do for Townsville and because of the connection they have with YWAM and the YWAM Medical Ships.”
Ivan Baxter
O'shea & Dyer Solicitors
“Since becoming a sponsor our sales have increased dramatically. I always knew radio would work - but the billboards were a dream. We have increased our sales by 15% - I would recommend Live FM as a sponsor because of the support you get from Phil and his team. It is by far the best advertising I have ever done.”
Astrid Orne-Gliemann
“We chose to use Live FM in our varied advertising mix as we have always been impressed with the high standard of their wholesome entertainment and programs. Their production facility has a strong record of producing first class advertisements for us and we are very proud of the way they influence our promotions. We often receive comments from the public about the quality of our positive promotion messages.”
Ray Valdeter
Morleys Funeral Home

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