99.9 Live FM is your community station, dedicated to broadcasting the positive message “It’s Good To Be Alive” across our region.

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Direct Deposit Details
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Listener Testimonies

“I’m a frontline worker and see people at their very best and at their very worst. The station gives me a chance to feel good on my way to work and after my shift, I get to reflect, refocus, and curve the stress on my way home. Listening to your station brings me a joy that is hard to pen into words…in the times of social separation/distancing your station continue to bring the Townsville community together.”
“It was a station that was safe and clean that the whole family could listen to without being negative or crude. The kids and I get to sing along to the fun music in the mornings. We enjoy listening to Phil and Rachel in the mornings because it helps us know what is happening in the community, good local news stories, variety of good music, and the personalities are funny and entertaining. I feel comfortable listening to 99.9 Live FM around my family, I can relate to the on-air personalities, I feel a part of a community with shared beliefs, I share the same values as 99.9 Live FM and the presenters.”
“Last year began the hardest season of my life so far, I found myself riddled with anxiety and depression and began questioning my ability to face another day. Thank God I had great Christians around me and they helped me through but whenever I got in the car I could be reassured that God was going to give me what I needed at that time via the station. I had many moments sitting in my car sobbing because what the presenter said or the particular song was exactly what I needed to hear and I felt God so close in those moments.”
“I lost my husband to brain cancer and Mum and Dad late last year so I had to sell everything for funerals and we then packed up the car - long story we ended up in Townsville. I suffer from acute anxiety as I suffered 34 years of domestic violence from the day I turn 16. Your radio station gets me through every single day and I’m not just saying that because it does! Thank you so much for reaching out and welcoming us to Townsville.”