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Phil and Justice have got everything you need to get you up and out the door each morning: upbeat fun, loads of useful news and information, and some crazy antics.

It’s a breakfast show that will leave you feeling good to be alive and ready for your day!

Dan’s the man behind the laughs and banter for your drive home.

With a passion for the city of Townsville, he’s always on the hunt for good news stories, unsung heroes, and all things sports…not to mention some stellar giveaways!

For your lunchtime madness, why not stop and tune in to hang out with Daniel as he steps in to keep you company over your lunch break till 3pm.

Daniel will re-energise your midday and get your ready to tackle the rest of the afternoon with his jokes, fun energy and news on what’s happening around the community!

Abby has you covered if you’ve found yourself working late or on the road after 6pm.

Her knowledge of music combined with her passion for people will keep you informed, entertained

Bek has your Sunday morning covered as she hosts a morning filled with inspiration and faith.

With her passion for spreading positivity and life to others and energy to match, you will finish the show both fulfilled, inspired and ready to take on the week!