On Sunday we commemorate ANZAC Day and remember tens of thousands of brave men and women who have served in the defence force. Those that have fought in wars, served in peacekeeping and natural disasters and helped to ensure Australia can be a free and lucky country.


Townsville is home to the largest garrison in the Nation and as such Sunday’s events are extra special. It’s so much more than just another public holiday, so let’s get together and pay our respects at a dawn service or march. You can find the details of some of the public events here.


Over the past few weeks we’ve been collating stories of courage and selflessness from our community. Here’s a collection of some of these stories.


Sergeant Arthur George Muller

Private Ben-Ranaudo

Paul Warren

Father Thomas Gard

Flight Sergeant Andrew Mung Perry

Sergeant Todd Langley

Private Horace Woodrow Hilton

Flight Lieutenant Benjamin Kurylowicz

Private Rex Morgan

Thanks to everyone Thanks to everyone who sent in a story of these incredible people. We are incredibly grateful for the sacrifice of all who have fought or are fighting for our nation and freedom, this ANZAC Day we honour and remember you.