New data released this month shows rainbow lorikeets visit Townsville backyards and parks more than any other avian species.


More than 67,000 birds were counted across Townsville as part of the Aussie Backyard Bird Count 2021, with rainbow lorikeets ranking in the top spot, followed by sulphur-crested cockatoos, Australian white ibises, plumed whistling ducks and magpie geese.


Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Committee chairperson Maurie Soars said the data was a valuable indicator of the environment’s health.


“Council partners with Birdlife Australia and Birdlife Townsville to deliver the Aussie Backyard Bird Count. Last year was the second year we’ve conducted this count and it’s delivered incredible results,” Cr Soars said. “The rainbow lorikeet was the most popular bird in parks and backyards during the count, with more than 11,000 of the colourful creatures making up 68 per cent of the sighted birds. The top 10 also included magpie larks, honeyeaters, sparrows and peaceful doves. All of the data collected through the Aussie Backyard Bird Count is available to look at on Townsville Dashboards now, so jump onto to see which birds are most popular in your suburb.”

Cr Soars said the information gathered about the birds was helpful for ecological research.

“Bird data is a valuable indicator of our environment’s health, kind of like a barometer for nature. When we see native birds thriving we know that the environment in that area is doing well,” he said. “Townsville has a unique ecological landscape and it’s imperative that we continue to look after our environment as best as possible so we can see native animals thrive well into the future.”

To see the Aussie Backyard Bird Count data, head to Townsville Dashboards.


Top 10 Townsville birds

  1. Rainbow lorikeet
  2. Sulphur-crested cockatoo
  3. Australian white ibis
  4. Plumed whistling duck
  5. Magpie goose
  6. House sparrow
  7. Peaceful Dove
  8. Magpie lark
  9. Brown honeyeater
  10. Rock Dove