BREAKING NEWS: Stable on the Strand will look a little different this year!



Stable on the Strand has successfully run an amazing event for 18 years. Attendances of 40,000,                over 5 nights, have testified to this fact.

2020 has changed our world. The organizing committee has decided to reset!

2020 will see the launch of Stable on the Streets.

Stable on the Streets is an invitation for individuals, families, groups, churches, and sponsors to give a gift of love to the people of Townsville by expressing in their space (drive way, shop front, car, veranda, street etc) the true meaning of Christmas (the story of the birth of Jesus).

The public will be invited to join a Stable on the Streets ‘drive-by’ experience!

Like Stable on the Strand – Stable on the Streets is very multifaceted.

  • Homes, Businesses, Churches will be invited to gift Townsville with a display that represents the Christmas story in their space. They will receive a sign advising they are part of                              Stable on the Streets
  • Stable on the Strand will provide 3 live scenes across Townsville
  • A Nativity scene with Mary, Joseph & a real live baby Jesus
  • Shepherds in the ‘fields’ minding their sheep
  • Wise men with camels

These 3 scenes will feature searchlights beaming into the sky over Townsville!

  • 5 Discovery trails will be established. Families will be invited to “Follow the Star Trail” in their cars. Maps will be on our website.  The trails will be integrated with a scavenger hunt for kids using QR codes.
  • We will be aiming to provide buses for those unable to drive themselves
  • A food cart may be on each trail (to save cooking that night and support Stable on the Strand)
  • Our Carol singers will be at major spaces around Townsville
  • We are hoping to decorate some of the empty shop fronts

Stable on the Strand organizer, Anne Harley said, “My team has come up with this amazing idea, ‘Stable on the Streets’ to bless the citizens of Townsville with a very special event for Christmas 2020. Our hope is that everyone will participate in some way.”

When: Stable on the Streets will run from 18th– 22nd December

Time: 6:00-9:00 p.m. each night


More info:

Richard Hosking – 0407 231 690 –