Australian Wildlife Week was established by the Australian Wildlife Society in 2019 and is celebrated across
the country during the first week of October to encourage a positive relationship between humanity and

Unfortunately, due to direct anthropogenic impacts, Australia’s wildlife has significantly declined since
European colonisation. Land clearing, invasive species, and climate change are substantial threats to wildlife
ecosystems and are key contributing factors to the loss of Australia’s threatened species.

The Society has established several projects over time to help safeguard Australia’s wildlife. The President of
the Australian Wildlife Society, Dr Julie Old, said “We hope to raise awareness of wildlife conservation issues
across Australia and inspire all Australians to explore and develop a deeper understanding of these issues, gain
the necessary skills to make informed decisions, and implement wildlife conservation action where possible.”
This year, we are hosting an Art Display, Video Competition, and Online Webinar to celebrate Australian
Wildlife Week and encourage wildlife conservation action.

Art Display
The Society will host an Art Display titled Australian Wildlife: A Journey Through Time in the Dragon’s Lair
Gallery at Hurstville Museum and Gallery from 24 September to 23 October 2022.

Video Competition
The Society’s Video Competition is a national competition. The Society invites videographers to raise the
plight of threatened wildlife in Australia. Entries close on 31 August 2022. The winning video will be featured
in the Australian Wildlife Week Art Display at Hurstville Museum and Gallery.

Online Webinar
The Online Webinar will showcase wildlife research and conservation projects across Australia. We will be
joined by five keynote speakers, who will provide an overview of their projects. We will also be joined by
seven of the Society’s 2022 University Research Grant winners, who will summarise their research and the
importance of protecting Australian wildlife.

Australian Wildlife Society, formed in 1909, is a national not-for-profit wildlife conservation organisation. Its
mission is to conserve Australia’s Wildlife (flora and fauna) through national environmental education, public
awareness, advocacy, and community involvement.