Day 11: Twelve Days of Christmas: The Story Behind These Strange Gifts?

“…Eleven pipers piping…” This line helps us remember the 11 disciples. If you’re thinking, “Weren’t there 12 disciples?” you are right, but in this instance, the song reminds us to remember all but Judas, who betrayed Jesus. The 11 carried Jesus’ message through the earth and you can read more about them in Luke 6:14-16. 

The eleven faithful apostles can be found referenced in Luke 6:14-16. The disciples were faithful in their walk with Jesus and were important in His journey but also carrying out His story after His death. 

Think about the people you have in your life and how important they are, how people are better by the journey they’ve lived.

Day 11 Action: Write a tribute to someone important today. Consider posting it online for the world to know what a great contribution they’ve made in your life.

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