Day 7: Twelve Days of Christmas: The Story Behind These Strange Gifts?

On the seventh day we got the gift of ‘seven swans a-swimming,’ but some people also think this could relate to or refer to the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. A swan is considered one of the most beautiful and graceful creatures on earth, which seems a perfect symbol for spiritual gifts. 

The Bible, along with history teaching, talks about the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit being prophecy, ministry, teaching, exhortation, giving, leading, and compassion. Having been given access to these seven gifts is so special for strengthening our walk with God and also for helping others. 

Just like you can have the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, sometimes the people around you like to receive special gifts as well. 

Day 7 Action: Give a gift to someone special today. One idea would be to contribute something toward kids in foster care through “Hope in a Suitcase.”

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