Free mosquito controls for flood-hit homes


Townsville City Council and Queensland Health are distributing free ‘MozzieMesh’ mosquito controls to residents living in suburbs hardest hit by recent flooding.

Properties in Rosslea, Idalia and Oonoonba have already been visited with Hermit Park and Railway Estate earmarked for deliveries over the next week.

Each affected household is receiving one bundle containing five ‘MozzieMesh’ packs and an explanatory flyer.

‘MozzieMesh’ disables mosquitos by creating a ‘no-mosquito’ zone via an odourless, slow-release repellent that is safe to be placed indoors around children and pets.

It is a registered product not available in shops. If you live in one of the five affected suburbs and do not receive a bundle, please contact Council on 13 48 10.

Distribution of the ‘MozzieMesh’ packs were made possible thanks to Sumitomo Chemical Australia AgroSolutions Division donating 35,000 packs to the Townsville community.

Townsville City Council has today commenced ground treatments at mosquito breeding sites in upper marsh and freshwater areas, while a second round of aerial treatments will start tomorrow.

Townsville Public Health Unit is conducting barrier spraying on buildings and vegetation around local schools and day care centres with 30 locations treated so far.

Nuisance bush mosquitos are a low risk for spreading viruses at present, with household ‘Eliminate Dengue’ mosquitoes unable to transmit Dengue fever in Townsville.

Please wear long sleeved, light coloured clothing and shoes. Apply repellent containing DEET or Picaridin regularly and remove items that may hold water while cleaning up.

If you do feel unwell in any way, you should visit a doctor.

All recovery information is available through the Emergency Management Dashboard at