Enter Townsville City Council’s Neighbour Day competition for the chance to win $200 to help you get to know your neighbours better.

This year’s Neighbour Day theme is “every day is neighbour day” which is encouraging locals to connect with the people in their neighbourhood and share small acts of kindness.

Community and Cultural Development Committee deputy chairperson Liam Mooney said having a good relationship with your neighbours was important.

“Every day is a great day to connect with your neighbours and to help create a more inclusive and supportive community,” Cr Mooney said.

“Our city is filled with people from really diverse backgrounds, as well as people who live by themselves. Reaching out to your neighbours can not only help you make new friends, but can also teach you a thing or two about the different cultures that make up Townsville’s population.

“Making friends in your community can help alleviate feelings of isolation and can also help you feel safer in your neighbourhood. There are so many positives to getting to know your neighbours, and there’s no better time to get started than this Neighbour Day.”

Kirwan local Kate Horan said holding a Christmas Together street party last year was a great way to get to know her neighbours, and that anyone who was unsure about how to bridge the gap should consider throwing a Neighbour Day party.

“I couldn’t have imagined how enthusiastically people would respond to this event. It had been wonderful even just going to houses to hand out the invitations to personally invite people, having a chat, getting to know them,” Ms Horan said.

“There were so many demographics represented, all age groups, different nationalities, people who I had never seen coming out of their houses getting right amongst it.

“There was such a hunger for this type of event, so many people want to make this a regular thing and find more excuses to hold get-togethers. One lady had moved to Townsville not long ago and had been really struggling to settle in.

“Another lady had struggled to make connections in the community. Another lady had been suffering from deep loneliness. We have made plans to catch up for coffee on an ongoing basis.

“I sense that there is a deeper appreciation for our community, and a greater commitment to looking out for each other which has arisen from this event. It is so amazing to have confidence that we all have each other’s backs.”

Cr Mooney said anyone wanting to celebrate Neighbour Day this year should enter Council’s Neighbour Day competition.

“We want Townsville to get creative, reach out and connect with their neighbours, which is why Council is giving you the opportunity to win $200 to enhance your Neighbour Day event,” he said.

“To enter the competition just head to Council’s website and tell us how you’ll help celebrate Neighbour Day this year.

“The community you want starts at your front door, so get involved and get to know your neighbours better.”

Neighbour Day is on Sunday, March 28.