A message of forgiveness explained in a post by Scott Morrison.

Tomorrow marks one year since four young children, Antony, Angelina, and Sienna Abdallah, and their cousin Veronique Sakr, was tragically taken from their families as they went out together in Oatlands to get an ice-cream. In an act of incredible Christian charity and faith, their parents, Leila, Danny, Bob, Bridget, and her fiancé, Craig, and their surviving children are honouring their memory through a message of forgiveness and launching ‘i4Give Day’. Jenny and I, and our girls, joined with the families and Gladys Berejiklian this morning at a beautiful service in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney to remember these Four Angels and the legacy of hope that will now live on in their memory though #i4GiveDay.Take the time to check out what #i4GiveDay is all about. These families have shown us that even in the most unimaginable of sufferings, they have been able to find hope. May God continues to bless them and you and your family on #i4GiveDay.

“We still feel pain and sorrow every day, but forgiveness has helped to get rid of the anger and bitterness. It’s helped us get through each day and make sure we are there for our other children,” Danny Abdallah says.

Read more about their #i4GIveDay at https://www.i4give.com/…/01/Press-Release-i4giveday.pdf

Find out more https://www.i4give.com

You can also check out Scott Morrisons Speech at https://www.youtube.com/watchfbclid=IwAR0FNhXLogptztelNg3ih91anjb0TUr9_11XXe8eVz8QhdPZP8DFmWJ5kiI&v=EN8IE9et8p0&feature=youtu.be