“One day you will tell your story of how you’ve overcome what you’re going through now, and it will be part of someone else’s survival guide”

I AM ESTELLE is a singer, songwriter and visual artist with a passion for sparking conversation and social change through the arts, particularly drawing attention to issues effecting women.

Her mission is to entertain, educate and elevate through the power of the arts, media and through community connection.

Based in Townsville Australia, her work and collaborations are aimed at improving the lives of women and providing immersive arts and community experiences.

Estelle enjoys living in tropical North Queensland close to the beauty of nature and the Great Barrier Reef with her husband and three children. Estelle’s art and videoclips celebrate the beauty, and vibrant nature of her environment and invites us to share her experience of connecting to our future selves with hope and the possibility of healing.

Her latest creative offering is entitled ‘Memoirs Of The Future’ an upcoming EP and art collection which becomes a portal and catalyst for a future of deliberate creation through self discovery, healing and liberation.

Informed through her own healing Estelle is able to journey with us and tell our collective story through her own determination to dissipate the shame and stigma that keep so many in silence.

Check out Abby’s Sunday Spotlight Interview with I Am Estelle below!

We are the ones “Tongues of Fire” Music Video

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