Increase your suburb’s blurb appeal with Townsville Street Library project


Take a book, give a book, share a book.


That is the motto that will spread across our city when the Townsville Street Library project competition kicks off this week.


Street libraries are small, colourful outdoor boxes that can house a number of books and are easily accessible for everyone in the community.


Community and Cultural Development Committee chairperson, Ann-Maree Greaney, said the project involved members of the community applying to become a Street Librarian and installing one of 100 Street Libraries on offer at their property.


“This is a great way to get your family, neighbours or community together to decorate your Street Library, fill it with pre-loved books, and know that you are giving your community something good to read and a dose of happiness,” Cr Greaney said.


“To get involved, you can apply for a Street Library through the Council website. If you’re successful you’ll receive a Street Librarian Starter Pack, which will have vouchers for supplies so you can decorate the library with the help of your neighbours and get your Street Library up and running.


“Once they’re ready to go, people from the neighbourhood can take whichever books interest them, and when they’re done they can either return them to a Street Library or pass them on to their friends.”


Cr Greaney said the Townsville Street Library project was a great way to encourage small acts of kindness.


“You can take a book or give a book with the Townsville Street Library project. It is a very simple way of sharing what we have with neighbours and friends who will appreciate it,” she said.


“Now more than ever we need to form meaningful connections with the people who live around us, especially the elderly and young families.


“We are going through a lifechanging period in history, so it’s important to remember to reach out to the people around you. Street libraries are an easy way to start a conversation with people in your neighbourhood that you haven’t spoken with before.”


Applications for the Townsville Street Library project are now open and close on Sunday, 13 September.


To register, head to