A classic Aussie adventure, full of mishaps, surprises, and ingenious ways of navigating tricky situations with lots of entertaining Aussie characters that will suit 3-8 year-olds, or anyone who loves a good story. Booma is an outback vehicle who lives in the Bush Trooper Shack in the Australian Outback. The story begins with Booma waking up one morning and discovering that all the other Aussie BushTroopers are missing. Beautifully illustrated, The Rescue of Old Bluey © is a delightful rhyming children’s adventure book promoting themes of teamwork, problem solving and mate-ship, that promises to engage young readers for hours.

Abby got to itnerview author of the series, Nerissa Plackowski, and book illustrator Jan Morris. You can check out their interview below if you missed it on air. Then be sure to check out below on how you can buy, and support the launch of this brand new series, and the first book! 

The book is ready to launch in time for Christmas, but Nerissa and Jan need YOUR HELP for the book to be launched. 

You can pledge by midnight, 3rd September.

The book is crowd-funding with a ‘KICKSTARTER’ and you can help them by placing a pledge to purchase your child’s gift, earn extra rewards, and help to get the book launched.

To pledge go to and searchAussie Bush Troopers

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