Introducing “Pete on the Street”


Stable on the Streets introduces 2020 Mascot ‘Pete on the Street’!

Townsville’s Favourite Family Friendly Christmas Event, Stable on the Strand this year presents Stable on the Streets!

Stable on the Streets is an invitation for individuals, families, groups, churches, and sponsors to ‘Express Christmas’ in their driveway, shop front, car, veranda, street, etc.

Pete will be encouraging everyone to ‘Start with a Star’ for their decorations and the community will be invited to drive by. Townsville will come alive this Christmas as homes, businesses, and Churches present Christmas. There will be displays, banners, lights, and stars all over Townsville. Large spotlights will criss-cross the night sky as Townsville comes alive. Stable on the Strand will present 3 of its traditional Christmas story scenes at separate spots across the city. Carollers will sing in the streets! Empty shop fronts will be lit up!

Food carts will be available for those hungry children! The public will be invited to a Stable on the Strand ‘drive-by’ experience following our Discovery trails and joining in the massive scavenger hunt full of interactive and fun activities, especially for families.

Stable on the Strand organizer, Anne Harley said, “Although we are disappointed at not being able to bring Stable on the Strand to Townsville this year, we are excited that, ‘Stable on the Streets’ is bringing new and creative ideas. ‘Pete on the Street’ is one of these ideas. Pete will be front and center in our promotion of Stable on the Streets.”

Stable on the Streets will run from 18th – 22nd December and is a free event. 6:00-9:00 p.m. each night

For more information, you can visit- or their Facebook