A trial closure of the upper carpark at Jezzine Barracks aimed at preventing hooning activity will start this weekend.

Townsville City Council will install temporary barricades to stop vehicles accessing the car park throughout the day and night over the next four weeks.

Should the one-month trial prove successful, permanent retractable barricades will be installed which will allow vehicles access to the carpark from 5am-9pm daily.

Community health, safety and environmental sustainability committee chairperson Maurie Soars said Council had been working with the Queensland Police Service and local residents to address the issue of hooning in the area.

“Local residents, Council and Police are sick and tired of hoons using beautiful Jezzine Barracks as their own speedway late at night,” Cr Soars said.

“A recent community meeting discussed a number of options that could be considered to address issues of hooning. It was agreed that any solution would need to be trialled initially to ensure it was effective.

“Council is now proceeding with a trial of limiting motorists’ access to the upper car park.

“Once the trial is complete, Council will assess its success and again engage with local residents on the way forward.”

Cr Soars said Council was also looking at upgrading CCTV cameras in the car park areas as a further deterrent to hoons and to assist Police in apprehending those engaging in the illegal activity.“I would like to acknowledge the advocacy of local councillor Ann-Maree Greaney who has worked hard for her constituents to identify solutions to this issue,” he said.