One of Townsville’s major thoroughfares is about to stand out even more.

George Roberts Bridge, connecting the CBD with South Townsville, will have additional coloured lighting installed as part of Townsville City Council’s Light Up Townsville program.

Mayor Jenny Hill said the new lighting means that the bridge will be used to its fullest extent as one of the locations used for Light Up Townsville.

“We want Townsville to be an attractive and active place to live and visit, and an important part of this is strengthening civic pride and keeping our city looking great all year round,” Cr Hill said.

“The George Roberts Bridge project will integrate with the other ‘Light Up Townsville’ assets when there are special events or for community awareness around health and other campaigns.

“This also means that the illuminated bridge will be seen from locations in Flinders Street East, including the new East End Boardwalk when it opens, as well as locations along the southern bank of Ross Creek.”

The four-week project to install the new lights may include closure of the pedestrian footbridge on the port side for the duration of works and the installation of temporary scaffolding.

Residents who use George Roberts Bridge to walk between the CBD and South Townsville will be able to use the alternative footpath on the bridge. The adjacent Victoria bridge is also an option for pedestrians.  

Works are scheduled to begin Monday 29 May 2023 and are expected to take 4 weeks to complete (weather and conditions permitting).

For more information about the project, visit Council’s Works and Road Closures page or call 13 48 10.