A new reservoir tank about to be installed on Castle Hill is another improvement at one of the most popular Townsville attractions for residents and visitors.

With the 40-year-old reservoir tank currently supplying water to the amenities on Castle Hill reaching the end of its operational life, Council has made the decision to replace it.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said Council is responsible for an enormous portfolio of community assets, and replacement is necessary when infrastructure is no longer fit for purpose.

“Council is committed to providing and maintaining over $5.4B worth of community assets, and the Castle Hill reservoir is one example,” Cr Hill said.

“Infrastructure like the reservoir is easy to take for granted but it has an important role in ensuring that Townsville, which was named earlier this year as one of Australia’s top 10 liveable cities, has places for everyone to live, work, play and learn.”

“We are a city rich with natural and built assets and Castle Hill has a special place as a unique landmark for residents and visitors.”

Chair of Council’s Water and Waste Committee Russ Cook said the tank’s replacement is an opportunity for improvement.

“The tank on Castle Hill supplies water to the amenities block, drinking fountain and irrigation sites and the new tank and associated pumps and pipes will address the water pressure issue on the hill,” Cr Cook said.

“Thousands of residents and visitors walk or drive to the top of Castle Hill every year and we want to ensure reliable water pressure in the amenities they use.

“Another benefit of the project will be stronger pressure in the spray that cools off walkers as they reach the top of the hill.”

Works will include the use of a helicopter for positioning the new tank in the same location as the existing tank.

“We need to ensure the safety of people on the hill while Heli-lifting of the tank infrastructure occurs in late May, so all walking tracks will be temporarily closed during the lift,” Cr Cook said.

“The walking track that goes past the tank will need to be closed during most of the works, but all other Castle Hill tracks will remain accessible except during the Heli-lift.”

The water in the existing tank on Castle Hill will not be wasted during the replacement project.

“Approximately 10,000 litres of water will be transferred from the existing tank to a temporary tank that will service Castle Hill amenities during construction and installation,” Cr Cook said.

The Castle Hill Reservoir Tank Replacement project is expected to be completed by 30 May (weather and project conditions permitting).

Works will occur between 6 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday and between 6 am and 2 pm on Saturdays. In exceptional circumstances, work may be required outside these hours.

The tank replacement project is in addition to the Council’s walking track handrail replacement project on Castle Hill, which will ensure a visit to the attraction is an enjoyable and safe experience.

For more information, contact Council on 13 48 10 during business hours.