Townsville City Council has continued its innovation journey with smart technology on a number of new trucks.

Council has six new trucks that are fitted with the latest pedestrian protection technology to significantly reduce the chance of a person being struck with the lifting arm or bins while lifting or returning to footpath.

A Council spokesperson said the technology is a first for Council.

“We’ve noticed people have unintentionally moved into the bin lifting zone of the trucks, which can be dangerous,” they said. “Our drivers can’t see every angle of their truck and sometimes people move into their blind spot. This innovative technology is an aid for our drivers, alerting the driver if a pedestrian is within the lifting zone. Our resource recovery team lifts more than 6.5 million kerbside bins and manages more than 300,000 tonnes of material per year. Not all our trucks are fitted with the pedestrian safety technology and residents can follow a few simple tips to stay safe.”

  • Ensure your bins are out by 6am on your collection day and on the kerb and not the road.
  • Keep half a metre clearance around your bin, including from other bins, cars, fences, letterboxes and trees
  • Keep a clear five metres away from trucks and lifting arm to protect yourself while the bin is being serviced.

For more information on bin collections, visit Council’s website.