Prisoners born again with support from chaplains

While there are many roads to salvation, the path taken by Gerald Ross is a testament not only to the glory that can be achieved when we invite God into our lives but also the transformative effects that prison chaplains have on people in jail.  Gerald is a pastor at Beenleigh Baptist Church’s Restore Group and Ministry, which works with ex-offenders and people in the community who are
struggling with addiction.  Gerald helps former prisoners reintegrate into society by giving them a “fresh start in life”. His unique ability to engage with them is based on his own
experience walking in their shoes.  Gerald’s life was changed as a result of meeting former prison chaplain George Stubbs, from Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy while serving time for drug
“The prison chaplains showed the love of Jesus in themselves and that was a turning point for me. I started to look into the Gospel and the Grace of God – and eventually, I gave my life to Christ,” Gerald explains.
Inspired by his interactions with prison chaplains, Gerald was eager to make a positive difference in his community following his release from a Queensland
correctional center. He connected with his local church in Beenleigh and helped start Restore Ministry, where he has supported ex-prisoners with their reintegration into
society for over five years. “We help by getting them back into the community and turning their life around while breaking the cycle of drugs and crime and prison,” Gerald said.