Around the Live FM office earlier today a discussion started about hand sanitiser, it’s become such a massive part of our lives and routines in 2020. I mentioned an experience I had on the weekend with a sanitiser that was quite unpleasant (even as you read I know you’re picturing your own yucky sanny experiences), it was sticky and took too long to dry, but worst of all was the smell. Thankfully it wasn’t a lingerer and within a half-hour or so I didn’t think about it any further, nor was I reminded by the smell of my own hands. The discussion this morning began to branch into discussing places where we’d wished someone had let us know that you should simply BYO at some places.

So then I decided that we need to share and learn from one another’s experiences which brings us here, launching Rate the Sanny. Tell us your Sanny experiences as you’ve been out and about using this quick form. This is isn’t designed to shame the incredible workplaces, stores, schools, or events that we frequent but to have some fun telling of the good, bad, and smelly sanitiser situations we’ve had.

We’ll update the results below, on-air, and on Instagram and Facebook regularly.

Where did you use the Sanitiser?  Brand or Product Name if known: Describe the type of sanitizer:  How does it feel on the hands?  Describe the smell How effective is the product? Other notable characteristics Overall rating out of 10 First Name
99.9 Live FM 3M Avagard 9250-P Thin pink liquid. Very runny, a little hard to contain. Only a slight burn if used with cuts/scrapes. Leaves hands feeling very clean and dries in seconds. Like a pleasant soap mixed with a bit of alcohol. The best one I’ve smelt so far. 70% Alcohol, no Corona on it’s watch. Because it’s difficult to contain it can be a slip hazard. Also useful for disinfecting phones, surfaces and all manner of things. 8/10 Dan
Northreach Baptist Church N/A Gel Sticky and kinda oily, took a while for my hands to dry I can’t remember Well I’m still alive so…I guess it’s effective? 4/10 Sam
Woolworths Castletown Unknown Gel Really quite sticky, takes a few minutes to dry. You kinda don’t want to touch anything for the first few isles. No issues with burning. It’s pretty awful, the stickiness would be fine if it didn’t also smell so bad. Like someone has left cheap vodka in the sun. Didn’t see, based off the smell, very effective. Just an unpleasant time with this one. I’m sure it’s doing the job though. 3/10 Anonymous
Empire Alternacade Unkown Thin gel. Wasn’t too bad for a more gel like product. Absorbed pretty quickly, no burning. As you’d expect a bit of an alcohol smell, but not too unpleasant, nothing like some of the supermarket sanitisers I’ve used. Given that you go there to have a drink I was glad there was no lingering bad smell. I think it said 75% I’ve had the experience of some products etched into my memory probably for life, so it’s good to encounter one that wasn’t memorable. I guess that’s what you want in sanny, if it’s not noteworthy it’s good. 7/10 Cowboys Fan
Calvary Christian Church Unknown Gel It feels quite runny but easy to get all the spots on the hands after 5 mins I felt that all the germs had 99.9% gone and I felt much more Covid safe! Smell was a quite a strong germ killing smell and made the nose regret that it was made by God to smell things. I don’t know exactly but it definitly did the Job There was A LOT OF IT!
Easy to use
9/10 Cooper