Townsville City Council wants you to do your part to eliminate water waste this National Water Week by taking the pledge to save water and signing up for Water Night 2021.

In the lead-up to National Water Week, which kicks off on October 18 with the theme “caring for water and Country”, residents are encouraged to reflect on how they can be more water wise around their homes to benefit our region.

Townsville Water and Waste Committee chairperson Russ Cook said it was everyone’s job to help make Townsville a more water smart city.

“Townsville is a dry tropics city and helping residents to understand what that means in terms of our water supply and consumption is an important piece of work that Council continues to undertake,” Cr Cook said. “When we all come together with small actions, we can create huge impacts. That’s why Council is calling on you to take a look at how you use water in your household. This year’s theme “caring for water and Country” captures the important role that water has to play in our lives and how it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure water is being used wisely. It’s essential to be water smart not just for National Water Week, but every single day so that we can continue to make change.”

Cr Cook said there were two ways residents across Townsville could make an impact this National Water Week.

“Council is encouraging locals to take the pledge to reduce their water consumption for the next year. Signing up and taking the pledge is easy, just head to Council’s website,” he said. “Our city is also participating in Water Night 2021. Similar to Earth Hour, Water Night challenges us to not use our taps from midday to midnight on Thursday October 21. This includes no taps, no showers and no running water to improve water mindfulness around the home. I’m encouraging households from across the city to sign up and take part in this important event.”

Cr Cook said there were easy ways for locals to use water more wisely around their homes and gardens.

“Up to 70 per cent of Townsville’s water is used on gardens and outside the home, so there are some simple tips available to help Townsville become a more water smart city,” he said. “In the garden you can opt for a low-flow sprinkler that uses less than 600 litres per hour, switch off your automatic irrigation during the wet season, and only water twice a week on allocated days when it’s dry. In your house you can install a water saving showerhead and limit your showers to four minutes in length – this can help save up to 21,000 litres a year. There are also water efficient products you can install around your house, like a dual flush toilet or an efficient dishwasher, which can help cut your water use around the home. These choices can help our city save hundreds of thousands of litres of water each year.”

At the end of National Water Week 2020 Townsville pledged to save more than 256,000,000 litres of water. That’s equal to about 100 ReefHQ Coral Reef Exhibit Tanks, two Predator Tanks, and two Olympic-sized swimming pools.

National Water Week starts on Monday October 18 and runs until Monday October 24.

For more information about National Water Week and being water smart in Townsville, head to Council’s website.