Council is reminding all pet owners to have a plan in place for their companions heading into the high-risk weather and monsoon season.

“During high-risk weather events locals need to make sure they have included pets in their evacuation plans and that they have a pet grab-and-go disaster kit with enough food and water,” Mayor Jenny Hill said.

“Where possible we would strongly encourage everyone to move them to a safer place before a disaster event.

“Make a plan for your pets if you need to evacuate. Consider what you will do if you need to move your pets to a safe place before a potential disaster. This might be with relatives, friends, or animal boarding facilities.

“It is important to understand that most disaster shelters will not accept pets because of health and safety regulations and other considerations, with the exception to assistance animals.

“It is up to you to plan ahead and to prepare for the safety and welfare of your pets, livestock or other farm animals well before a natural hazard affects your home or farm.

“By acting early, you will avoid unnecessary danger and anxiety.”

Council’s online Emergency Management and Disaster Dashboard, which can be visited here, is full of useful information on: preparing for a disaster with pets, storm tide evacuation zones, emergency news, evacuation routes, weather warnings, road conditions and power outages.

For information on how to deal with pets before or during a high-risk weather event click on Council’s page here.