A 20-metre length of steel pipe weighing around 25 tonnes that washed on to the banks of the Ross River adjacent to Apex Park during 2019’s unprecedented monsoon is set to be removed.


Townsville City Council has engaged local commercial diving and construction company Rhino Drive to undertake the challenging project. Work is due to start on Monday (April 19) and take around 10 days.


Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability chairperson Maurie Soars said Council had been planning the removal for some time.


“The sheer size of the pipe introduced some unique challenges, so we have been working to develop the best and most non-invasive method of removal,” Cr Soars said. “The pipe is expected to weigh around 25 tonnes. We believe it was an old unused pipe originally located between the spillway and Apex Park.”


Throughout the duration of the works, Rhino Dive will work from a barge, cutting the pipe into sections before transporting it back to the Loam Island boat ramp where it will be craned onto an awaiting truck to be disposed of.


“These experienced contractors put together a great plan of retrieval from the river, without imposing on the surrounding environment or damaging park infrastructure,” Cr Soars said. “Council is committed to ensuring we maintain our environment and the natural amenity of our waterways. The Ross River and Apex Park are wonderful community assets, so it will be great to see this section of pipe removed from the bank, and this part of the river looking its best again.”