This week I sat down to talk with Sarah McCutcheon about her new book “Relationship Status.”

With two decades of experience as a youth worker and highly sought after international speaker, Sarah’s chosen this as her first book and let me just say – I was in for a surprise. A good one.

While the book’s tagline says “A call to rethink the unmarried life in the church today” – an important message since 2/3 of church attendees are single – Sarah’s conclusions on why and what we replace that with boil down to an invitation to relationships that is irresistible for married and single alike.

We talked about loneliness, friendship, sisterhood, and even how to raise girls in the era of Princess movies and Rom-Coms, and while I was hoping for a life-line for my single friends in this interview, I walked away with greater empathy, tips on how to honour and include my single friends, and a greater appreciation of the wide range of relationships in my life.  

Pick up your copy of “The Relationship Status

Sarah’s message is a breath of fresh air, a call to truth and love, and I hope you enjoy what she had to say.