Do you sometimes avoid self-care? How would you want your daughter (or sister, mother, best friend) to nurture their mental health?

Julie Vigor is the found of Sensational Girl Network.

Sensational Girls Network is a mentoring experience designed to empower you to be the woman & Mum you want to be, seek more harmony in your home, as well as relaxing & reconnecting with your daughter. Where you can…

  • Be supported to put your own oxygen mask on first so that you can be a strong and confident woman who can love her daughter unconditionally and provide her the support she needs.
  • Be a role model for your daughter to “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”.
  • Learn how to create the life you desire for yourself, and with your daughter.
  • A trusted mentor and positive network of like-minded Mums who will support you all the way.


Abby caught up with Julie to chat about the importance of self-care, women coming together to be around like minded women and building connection with one another, and the importance of mother daughter relationships and prioritising that relationship.


You can listen to the interview below:



Sensation Girls Network as two upcoming retreats for women, and mothers and daughters which you can be involved in!

Are you feeling overwhelmed & exhausted like most Mums? Do you wonder “Why is my daughter so difficult?” Are you a busy Mum & never have enough time?

SGN Guided Retreat is all organized for you; just turn up, connect with your daughter and make treasured memories!


Mums Only Retreat: 10-12 May: Magnetic Island

Do you want your spark back? Let’s empower you to be the woman & Mum you want to be.