Wrap up your Christmas celebrations this year by making sure you’re properly recycling wrapping paper and boxes after the Christmas morning frenzy.

Townsville Water and Waste Committee chairperson Russ Cook said when it came to recycling, wrapping paper was an item that many people were confused about.

“We all want to have a sustainable Christmas, which is why it’s important to know what you can recycle and what needs to go in your regular bin,” Cr Cook said. “The messiest part of Christmas morning is always cleaning up wrapping paper, however it’s good to know that you can pop your wrapping paper right in the recycling bin – even if it has small amounts of foil or glitter in it. Cardboard boxes can also go in the recycling bin, but make sure you don’t overfill your bin. If you have excess carboard or other recyclables that don’t fit in your bin, you can drop them off at our resource recovery facilities for free.”

Cr Cook said there were six items that were accepted in residential recycling bins across Townsville.

“Your recycling bin at home is the best place to put paper, cardboard, hard plastic food and drink containers, glass jars and bottles, steel tins, and aluminium cans,” he said. “The rule of thumb to follow is that items must be at least the size of a credit card to go into your recycling bin.”

 Five-year-old Maya Martinez Flores said she couldn’t wait for Santa to visit this weekend.

 “I am excited to see what my presents are and to see what Santa gives me,” Maya said. “I like to help my mum and dad with recycling – it’s good for the earth. I help by putting the right things in the right bins.”

For more information about recycling in Townsville, head to Council’s website.