WHAT: “Stable Celebrates 20 years – Virtual Birthday Fundraiser”

WHEN: Saturday 11th September 2021

WHERE: Townsville

Stable on the Strand, North Queensland’s Christmas Festival, is celebrating 20 years of bringing the message of Christmas to the city of Townsville.

To celebrate, there will be a Virtual Birthday Fundraiser where hosts can gather friends and family in their homes and join online for an evening of challenges, entertainment, auctions, games, fun and fundraising activities.

How it will run:

Hosts will register to hold a party in their space across Townsville city and beyond. Any number of people can gather in each space. Hosts can purchase party packs or create their own decoration, set their own theme, and plan their own refreshments.

Stable on the Strand will go live during the evening, providing online challenges and entertainment, auctions, games, fun and fundraising activities.

This is a fundraising event: $20 per adult, $10 per youth, primary aged & under are free.

Anne Harley (President) said, “This is going to be a fabulous night- covid safe, great fun, for all ages and great memories of 20 years of Stable on the Strand all in your own space with your friends and family.”


More info: https://www.stableonthestrand.com.au/events  

Register to Host a Party: www.trybooking.com/BSZBF