Townsville City Council shares the community’s disappointment that the organisers of the Australian Concerto and Vocal Competition (ACVC) cancelled the event, which was to be held from July 16-20.

Following a decision by Supercars and the Queensland Government to host a second weekend of racing at Reid Park, and the associated road and traffic closures necessary for this to happen, it was not possible for the entire ACVC to be held at the Civic Theatre as was originally planned.

The Civic Theatre was available for use from July 19-20. Alternative venues were required for July 16-18.

Council officers were working with competition organisers to identify alternative accommodation and were confident that venues could be found.

A number of suitable venues had been identified and one was all but locked in. The Mayoral Reception Room at Council’s administration building on Walker Street was also available.

Council had also started working to hire additional pianos for the event at Council’s own cost. 

Mayor Jenny Hill said she and council officers met with event organisers on Wednesday <July 7> and made it clear that if there were any issues they should contact the Mayor’s Office directly.

At that meeting, competition organisers acknowledged and thanked Council officers for their efforts and commitment to ensuring the competition could go ahead.

“Despite the positivity of the meeting and the expressed desire to work together, competition organisers acted without Council’s knowledge or involvement to cancel the event on Friday,” Cr Hill said.

“After receiving an email alert from ACVC advising of the cancellation on Friday, I attempted to call organisers to discuss, however I was unsuccessful. Unfortunately, my call has still not been returned.”        

Council stands ready to work with competition organisers to welcome the event back to Townsville in 2022.