As a young boy growing up in small-town Lafayette, Indiana, Jeremy’s impressionable young heart watched his parents model this behavior on a regular basis. It was not uncommon for Jeremy to accompany his father to a local prison or boys’ home to minister through words and music, and when his father started a church when Jeremy was only 14, his eyes were truly opened to the remarkable impact of pastoring and ministering. Between caring and providing for him and his siblings and his father entering full-time ministry, the importance of caring for and loving well the people put in your path was not lost on the blue-eyed boy with an affinity for music.

But like any other adolescent who grew up in the church and acquired the pastor’s kid label, Jeremy faced his own doubts, temptations and rebellion. As a teen, he found himself living a double life—partying and drinking behind his parents’ back and showing up with his halo seemingly intact on Sunday mornings. But at 16 years old, listening to a pastor at youth camp, Jeremy heard God say to him, “I want to use you, but you’re on the edge of a cliff. You’re about ready to jump off. You need to run as far away from the cliff as possible.”

That day a switch flipped and Jeremy submitted his life to the Lord. When he left home for bible college two years later, he was ready for the road that lay ahead.



On September 10th, 2021, Jeremy Camp follows up hit single “When You Speak” with a new album by the same name. When You Speak is available now.

Camp leads the Christian solo artists with 41 No. 1 singles over his storied career, Jeremy Camp’s new album When You Speak is set to release September 10. This album follows the chart-topping success of his most recent project, The Story’s Not Over, which yielded three No. 1 radio hits — “Dead Man Walking,” “Keep Me In the Moment” and “Out of My Hands.”

“This album is the culmination of what God revealed to me during this last season,” says Jeremy Camp. “These songs are straight from my heart and I can’t wait for everyone to hear them.”



Abby got the chance to chat to Jeremy all about this latest album, and about the heart and message behind his song ‘Anxious Heart’ off the album, as well as EXCITING news of what Jeremy has planned for this year!!! (Hint hint- you may see him soon down under). Take a listen to their conversation below.



Watch Jeremy’s Newest Video: “Anxious Heart” music video


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