As a boy growing up in Papua New Guinea, Ray Badham played the ukulele and guitar in village churches. Today his music and songs are heard and sung in churches worldwide. Born to missionary parents in Papua New Guinea, Ray Badham began playing music at 12 years of age, often trekking for miles to remote village churches in the mountains with his father. Later he completed a Bachelor of Music degree in Townsville, Australia, majoring in composition under the tutelage of the English composer Edward Cowie. On graduating, in 1996 he began studying at Hillsong College in Sydney, joined the Hillsong music team,  and has since been a part of 17 Hillsong albums as songwriter, producer and guitarist.

Today Ray Badham is an accomplished songwriter, musician and educator, teaching songwriting at Hillsong College. He has written many worship songs that have been sung around the world, including “Magnificent”,”Adonai” and “In Your Freedom”. Ray’s desire is to write Christ-centered songs to awaken and deepen people’s relationship with Christ. He hopes that through his songs the gospel will drive deeper and deeper into people’s hearts.

Ray has a BRAND NEW singe out called ‘The Glory of the Cross’. 

The Easter song: “The Glory Of The Cross” is a worship song on the passion of Christ – which is what Easter (particularly Good Friday) is all about. I’m hoping this song will paint the picture of how boundlessly Jesus loves us. The first verse declares: “On lifted arms He wore the weight of all my sin. He held to justice as He held to burning grace.” The chorus then declares that the glory of the cross is “The cost of His forgiveness, lifted high for all to see.”

Abby got to catch up with Ray to talk about his Easter single, and get some Easter encouragment. Listen Below. 

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