Townsville History Installed


HALO chandelier installed in Flinders Lane as construction progresses

A piece of Townsville history has been installed in the highly anticipated Flinders Lane development this week as the construction of the project moves closer to completion.
The iconic chandelier used in Townsville’s widely successful HALO event last year is set to light up Flinders Lane when it opens in October.
Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said the installation of the light feature was an important milestone for the project.

“I’m thrilled that the chandeliers from HALO has found a new home in Flinders Lane and will be on display for everyone to enjoy, much like it was when it was on display in Queens Gardens,” Cr Hill said. “Construction of the lane has been progressing well despite COVID-19 and I’m excited to see the community enjoying all of the things that will be on offer here. Flinders Lane will be a premium addition to our CBD, making accessing the Stadium Precinct and Palmer Street easier than ever.”

The Flinders Lane development, which is being delivered in partnership with Martin Locke Constructions, will connect the heart of the central business district to the Bus Hub, Queensland Country Bank Stadium, and City Lane precinct via a new laneway with two levels of retail stores and cafes.
It will include an audio system and public WIFI, public toilets, tiered and balcony seating overlooking a stage for performances to be held.
Developer Martin Locke said Flinders Lane would bring an exciting new dining and entertainment experience to the CBD, building on and complementing the existing City Lane Precinct perfectly.

“Every great city has its laneways,” Mr Locke said. “I’m proud to have worked together with Townsville City Council to deliver something that is timeless and will have a positive impact on Townsville and how we enjoy and utilize our CBD. I’d like to thank our hard-working construction team, as well as our trade and supply partners, for helping us work safely through the COVID-19 pandemic. With the laneway approaching completion I will not be focusing on finding the right retail partners to make Flinders Lane a truly unique experience.”

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