Townsville landmarks, icons and prominent locations will be lit in different colours to raise awareness for various causes this month.

The Townsville Sign, Wharton Reef Lighthouse, Victoria Bridge, George Roberts Bridge, Old Magistrates Court House, Flinders Square, Little Fletchers Bridge and Central Park Boardwalk will be lit up in orange, purple, blue, green and red during February to symbolise a collective effort to shed light on important issues.

Council is proud of these community initiatives as they highlight the region’s rich cultural diversity and its continued growth.

As the largest city in Northern Australia, Townsville will raise awareness for causes and days like World Cancer Day, Feeding Tube Awareness Day, Valentines Day, World Cholangiocarcinoma Day, World Encephalitis Day and Rare Disease Day.

It all starts on Sunday, 4 February when the city’s the city will turn blue and orange for World Cancer Day.

Cancer Council Queensland’s Business Development Specialist Townsville, Tegan Marsden said it was great to see Council get behind and support awareness campaigns through initiatives like this.

“World Cancer Day is a day to recognise and unite with one voice to face one of our greatest challenges in history,” she said. “Each year, more than 32,000 Queenslanders are diagnosed with some form of cancer and at Cancer Council Queensland, we are committed to ensuring no Queenslander is left navigating cancer alone. We are so proud of the Townsville community banding together to support, recognise and strive for a cancer free future.”

Light Up Townsville requests can be made online, however certain criteria must be met before it can be approved.

To find out more information, visit Council’s website.


Light Up Townsville dates

  • World Cancer Day (orange/blue) – 4 February
  • Feeding Tube Awareness Day (purple/blue) – 5 to 10 February
  • Valentines Day (red) – 14 February
  • World Cholangiocarcinoma Day (green) – 15 February
  • World Encephalitis Day (red) – 22 February
  • Rare Disease Day (green) – 29 February