Townsville locals are being reminded to check the Storm Tide Evacuation Guide on Council’s Emergency Management and Disaster Dashboard to see if their home is in a storm tide zone ahead of the high-risk weather season from November to April.

A storm tide is a rise above the tidal water level along a shore that is associated with a tropical cyclone and may be accompanied by gale force winds, with waves of seawater rapidly moving across the foreshore.

As the cyclone moves towards land and the depth of the water becomes shallower, the waves of water do not have a chance to flow away. These waves may inundate land and cause destructive damage.

Council’s online Emergency Management and Disaster Dashboard, which can be visited here, is full of useful information about storm tide evacuation zones and has detailed ‘by suburb’ maps to understand whether locals need to evacuate or not.

“If you are told you have to evacuate, you should make your way to family or friends in ‘higher places’ outside the threatened zone,” Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said.

“Townsville’s Local Disaster Management Group has one Cyclone Shelter and several ‘Places of Refuge” available for community members who have no other alternative. If you are not required to evacuate, your home is often the safest place to be.

“It is also important to understand that most disaster shelters will not accept pets because of health and safety regulations and other considerations, with the exception to assistance animals.

“As we do every year, we are reminding locals that we are heading into the time of year to start preparing for the upcoming high-risk weather season by cleaning up around the yard, checking your current insurance policy, checking in with neighbours that may have just moved here and restocking household supplies and emergency kits.”

For information on what to have in your emergency kit click on Council’s emergency kit checklist page here.