Townsville residents are being reminded to finalise their preparations for extreme weather events coming into monsoon season from November to April.

Chair of the Townsville Local Disaster Management Group, Mayor Jenny Hill encouraged all residents to be flood-safe and road safe.

“You must never drive through a flooded road and must do everything possible to avoid walking through flood waters,” Mayor Hill said.

“Floodwater can hide all sorts of dangers such as, uneven ground, strong currents, vehicles, tree debris, sewage, chemicals, deadly animals, and electrical currents.  In some circumstances, the force of fast-flowing water can be multiplied many times.  This is why If it’s flooded, forget it.”

Council’s online Emergency Management & Disaster Dashboard, which can be visited here, is full of useful information about storm tide evacuation zones, emergency news, evacuation routes, weather warnings, road conditions and power outages.

“As we do every year, we are reminding locals that we are heading into the time of year to start preparing for the upcoming high-risk weather season by cleaning up around the yard, checking your current insurance policy, checking in with neighbours that may have just moved here and restocking household supplies and emergency kits,” Mayor Hill said.

“Residents also need to have a plan for what they will do with their pets in the case of evacuation.”

For information on what to have in your emergency kit click on Council’s emergency kit checklist page here.